artist statement

My figurative sculptures and mixed media paintings reflect a fascination with the Jungian theories of identity and purpose. Coupling this with my artistic journey for decisive ways of expression, I find myself drawn back to a primary necessity for structure and wholeness in my work.

Fluidly approaching multiple series at a time, I move back and forth as I explore themes of human relationships.  My intent is to convey a sense of intimate conversation through gesture or expression, leaving the emotional experience to the viewer.  

I love the empowering daily ritual of working in my studio. Inspiration comes as I work through a visual language resonating from within.  I work intuitively in both clay and paint, as form, shape and surface respond to their figurative elements.  Glazing and firing multiple times, I build and connect separate parts to create a sculpture inherent with universal integrity.  Refined, edited drawings and paintings with multiple layered surfaces slowly evolve into figurative images and symbols.

My journey of creativity continues to evolve. It is intrinsic to my identity as an artist, to pursue undiscovered ideas and concepts in which to connect.